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May 18, 2009

Hey Guys, I know I haven’t been on Club Penguin in such a long time.  So I want to start everything fresh.  I made a new account called DAstud and you can find my youtube channel at Also, my new wordpress website is So, if you were one of my fans and you want to add me just contact me in my wordpress website and we can schedule something so we can meet.  Thanks you guys for all your support.

Always and forever,



New Penguin Style

January 3, 2009

The first catalog for 2009 has come out.


Here are some hidden items!








Open and close this 4 times to get a blue viking helmet!




And the new pin is hidden in the lodge attic!




New Years Paper

January 1, 2009

Hey guys! Happy New Years! The new newspaper has come out, take a look at the upcoming events!




Mission 10

December 31, 2008

Hey guys! Mission 10 is out and I will be showing you hot to beat it soon!



Igloo Cheats

December 29, 2008

Here are 2 hidden igloos in the new igloo catalog!


Heres the second one!


And remember to check out my first CP music video. Heres my youtube channel! Dman111Productions



New Video

December 28, 2008

Hey guys! Im back from my vacation! And that means I’ve come back with a new and first music video!!! My Youtube account is Dman111Productions so check it out!!!

Club Penguin Updates

December 25, 2008

Ok first well start off with the new way to start playing Club Penguin! Look at this picture of how it changed!


Also, Rock Hopper has left with Coins For Change. Heres a picture of him in the telescope!


Also, the newspaper has come out! Take a look at these upcoming events!


Well thats about it and remember to go to my Youtube channel Dman111Productions



Great News

December 22, 2008

Hey everybody! I have the best news! I am going to start making videos just like I promised from the start of this blog!

My You Tube account name is Dman111Productions Also, Im sorry I couldn’t make it to my B-day party. I was very busy.

The party has been canceled, and if you went thanks for that!

Christmas Party

December 19, 2008

The Christmas Party is impressive! Here are some cool things!

You can find the Santa Beard at the Ski Village!


The Santa hat is in the snow forts


And the new pin is in the ski lodge


Also, there are new Christmas books in the book room and the coffee shop! And remember to go to my Birthday Party on Saturday, 12-20-08

And I might be busy for the next few days.



Igloo Contest

December 19, 2008

Club Penguin is having an igloo contest! It starts tomorrow and so does the Christmas Party! The new pin also comes out!

My B-day

December 17, 2008

Hey guys, my B-days coming. Heres the invitation!


I hope you can make it!




Rock Hopper Tracker

December 17, 2008

If you want to know how to track rock hopper, click this link…

Christmas Party Sneak Peek

December 17, 2008

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I mite be a little busy this week but i will be posting still! Heres a sneak peek of the Christmas party coming this Friday!!!




Club Penguin Updates

December 13, 2008

The Coins For Change has come! The buckets are at the beach, Rock Hoppers headquartars, and at the plaza, maybe even more rooms! Aslo The bells have come back! They are located in the plaza, and beach! In Rock Hoppers catalog, there is a red cap for free! Also the new play has come out! Its about Ancient Egyptians! There is only one hidden item. Click the Puffle to get it!


And finally, the new igloo catalog has come out! Here are two cheats for that! Click this to get a welcome matt!


And Click the red balls to get a leaning tree!


Well thats about it!


-Dman 111

Rock Hopper Tracker Device

December 12, 2008

I have the Rock Hopper tracking device just incase you really want to meet him and you cant find him! It tells you the exact location! I have also downloaded the pin tracker but I dont think it will be useful because I post the pins any way, but well keep it for a while. 

In Other News

The christmas party will start on dec. 19 and will end on dec. 29, speaking of the 29th, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

IT WILL BE MY BIRTHDAY ON DEC. 29th. It will be a HUGE party and I want everyone who visits this site to GO!!! It will be the best PARTY OF THE YEAR for this site!!! I will schedule it on Saturday, Dec. 13



Club Penguin Christmas Spirit

December 11, 2008

There is a lot going on that billybob posted on club penguin. This is everything thats coming on Friday.

1.) Coins For Change

2.) Rockhoppers Arival

3.) The adventure play ”Quest for the Golden Puffle” at the stage

4.) A new better igloos catalog (To help with all your Christmas decorating)



                                         Also I have changed my name to Dman 111 because I found out that it is older than Dman115 even though he got banned, so that is my new penguin!

In other news the new Club Penguin magazine has come out! Check it out


-Dman 111-

Christmas Party Sneak Peek

December 8, 2008

Heres a sneak peek picture of the Christmas Party!


Comment on what you think will be happening.



Cool Blog Announcement

December 8, 2008

The Cool Blog Announcement is about the oldest penguins getting to talk on cp

Crazy News

December 6, 2008

Unfortunately Dman115 has been banned forever. But my brother gave me his famous penguin called ”Vital Flame”

so I will be posting with that penguin, BTW his site name is Now for the new hidden items!

First of all the newspaper came out! There is a new clothing catalog, and a new pin. The pins located in the pet shop!


Ok the first item for the clothing catalog is a yellow scarf, click all these lights.


Next is the viking helmet, click the guys face.


Click the top of the tree for a russian hat.


And finally, click the light house for a red hoodie.



-Dman115 or now its -Vital Flame-

I’ve Been Banned on Club Penguin

December 5, 2008

Im sorry guys but i’ve been banned for 24 hours and I cant tell you what’s happening until Im unbanned.

I will probably have to post tomorrow or later on tonight.




Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek

December 3, 2008

Heres a sneak peek picture of the new clothing catalog coming out on Friday




New Mission Sneak Peek

December 2, 2008

Heres a picture of a new mission sneak peek.


Comment on what you think it is!



Treasure Book Update Coming Soon to Club Penguin

December 2, 2008

The Treasure Book gives you an opportunity to get items that are not available during that time. Heres a picture of the book cover.


It will come to Club Penguin o Friday, Dec 5




November 29, 2008

Remember to join the new contest I’ve made. Its located on pages witch is on the right side of the home page. Read the instructions to know what its about.




New Snow & Sports Catalog Update

November 29, 2008

There is only one hidden item on this catalog.

Click the N on Sports Furniture to get a Pommel Horse


Follow these steps to get a silver surf board.


Also, look at this page from the magazine. Its called the Sensei Speaks. Heres a picture of it, read it.






Snow and Sports Catalog Sneak Peek

November 26, 2008

     Finally the snow and sports catolog will be updated on Friday! Heres a sneak peek picture.


Comment on what you think it will be.




My Thanks Giving Party

November 26, 2008

     Heres a pic in how great my party was!!!


It was a great part, THANKS FOR COMING



Thank Arib 619

November 25, 2008

Thank PENGUIN: Arib 619 for helping me with my party! 

His site is…

Elite Penguin Force DS Game

November 25, 2008

     All I know is were its located (sadly). Its at the HQ. 


Its at the HQ. Go inside the closet.



Also remember to go to my party today for THANKS GIVING!!!

Server: Slushy

Where: Dock

Time: 4 CP time

Why: Thanks giving party


Ninja Secrets

November 25, 2008

     Finally I have become a ninja! Ok, so when you become a black belt, you must defeat Sensei. it will take a couple of games to do this, once you beat him, he will give you the ninja mask and access to the ninja hideout. The ninja hideout is located at the dojo courtyard. The door looks like this.


It will animated its way to a wooden door.

The dojo hideout looks like this.


in the guide there are all sorts of stuff like, look at these pictures…




Heres how the dojo home looks like.


And back to the menu.







And when you’re a ninja you can also turn invisible!








Thanks Giving Party

November 22, 2008


New Hidden Items

November 22, 2008

     First we’ll start off with the new hidden pin located at the beach!


Heres the hidden items for the new stage, there is only 1 hidden item.


Now heres the hidden item for the new furniture catalog! This one is in the first page.


This one is in the third page. (this is the item you get)


Heres where this item is.


This hidden item is on the ninth page.


Thats it for now…




Igloo Furniture Update

November 19, 2008

     On Friday, there will be new igloo furniture for christmas! Heres a sneak peek picture!



in other news, the new game “Card-Jitsu” has been a huge hit!



I Beat a Black Belt

November 18, 2008

     I cant believe that I beat a black belt! Heres a picture to prove it…


     See? I didnt animate anything because there is the cards that went down, that only happens when you win!




New Game At Dojo

November 18, 2008

     Here are ways to get to the game!

1.) Go to the dojo

2.) Talk to Sensei     picture-67

3.) Pick out your cards

4.) Play the game!picture-115

water beats fire

fir beats snow

snow beats water

Heres the legend…


Every time you win 5 games you will get a higher standard. If you play a person with the same belt and you beat him, you will go on to a higher standard. Once you’re a black belt, you will play Sensei and when you beat him, you will be a ninja.

I hope this helped you.



Thanks Giving Party

November 17, 2008


New Page!

November 17, 2008

     Look at the new page I made called…Penguin of the Week! Be sure to check it out! You could be the penguin of the week!!!


Hidden Bell at the Dojo

November 16, 2008

     Hi, go to the dojo and wait about 5 minutes, the a bell should pop out! Heres how it looks like…





Dojo Upgrade

November 14, 2008

     The dojo has been repaired…

Here are slippers located at the dojo for free!


This is the new dojo…


And heres the inside room…





Mute Music

November 14, 2008

     Club penguin decided to make it able to mute the club penguin music! This will allow you to listen to other music freely. Here are the steps…

1.) Click the question mark near your chat box.      picture-97

2.) Then you can mute music by checking the bar that says “mute music”.



PS: I gave Club Penguin the idea of putting the mute sign on, I messaged Billy Bob on email and he said he would work on it!




New Stage Sneak Peek

November 13, 2008

 Heres a sneak peek of the stage. It will be opened next Friday.


There will be new igloos next Friday too!



In other news, the dojo will reopen during (14-16) and on the 17th, there will be a card game that teaches you how to be a ninja! The person who was digging on the roof of the dojos’s name is Sensei, heres how he looks like…picture-11 




Ninja Secret

November 13, 2008

Hey Guys, I found a secret in the town. Here’s the steps.

1. Click the “N” in “Night Club”.


2. Watch the ninja fly around. 😉


In Other News…

My brother “Vital Flame” will be helping me out with this site. Also please feel free to copy my posts, but please give credit.



Dojo Upgrades

November 11, 2008

     The dojo roof has been upgraded.


There is also a hidden picture in the dojo of a ninja.


     Once you do this then this picture will pop out.picture-12




Coins for Change

November 11, 2008

     Coins for change returns to Club Penguin because of an incredible response by so many penguins from last year. You will have a chance to donate coins from the coins you get by playing games. Coins for change will start in December, 12. 


New Pin

November 8, 2008

Heres the new pin in the forest.